Ascending Solutions

Strategic. Connection. Results.

The not-for-profit world is full of passion and compassion.  Those in it work tirelessly with sometimes limited resources, in service to help those who need it.

In a challenging and rewarding industry, it is important to be strategic and deliberate in an organization’s direction.  I call those “ascending solutions”.  To scale a mountain, courageous climbers must plan their route, prepare with the right equipment, and expect to encounter some cruxes (but that’s the fun part, isn’t it?).


My offerings

My consulting contributions provide ascending solutions to help you continue what you do best – helping others, with minimal disruption to your work.  What I can do for you:

·      Program/project design and management

·      Financial oversight and planning

·      Best practice research and data analysis

·      Stakeholder engagement and input

·      Outcomes and evaluation

·      Strategic and business planning

·      Executive and professional coaching

I love thinking big picture and have a knack of equating every-day operations to strategic goals.  I value collaboration and input, and effective efficiency; working smarter, not harder.

I have worked for:

·      The Calgary Homeless Foundation

·      CentrePoint Non-Profit Management

·      The Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada

·      Government of Canada - Industry Canada